The Herman Hollerith Center (HHC)

The Herman Hollerith Research Center (HHC) brings together the scientific achievements of the colleagues of the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Stuttgart, the University of Stuttgart and other partners from science and business in the field of "Digital Enterprise Computing". The HHC's profile as a graduate school includes teaching programs for the Master of Science and the Research Center as a coordinating research organization for cooperative research projects. The focus is on the expansion of cooperative doctoral procedures for outstanding graduates of the Master's programs.Digital Enterprise Computing


With the help of digital enterprise computing, the HHC is an important innovation and research topic of our time, linking it with the key perspectives of current research: digital business & digital transformation, enterprise and software architectures for services & cloud computing, semantic support, management Business processes, performance management, big data & analytics, telematics & Internet of Things as well as concepts for the support of transformation projects for the strategically oriented digital business and related information systems. The HHZ is explicitly pursuing an interdisciplinary approach.

Cooperative Research

Entrepreneurial questions are defined in a practical way on strategic research topics and are researched and put into practice in a dialogue between science and practice. In cooperative research, students and doctoral students are actively involved and effectively supported. Results of the research will be included in the scientific discussion in the form of high-quality conference papers, lectures, journal essays, project documentation, dissertations, monographs and research studies as well as in non-profit knowledge exchange platforms in Germany (especially the GI-Gesellschaft für Informatik) and international (ACM, IEEE, EMAC , AMA, among others).

Internationality and Dialogue

The doctoral students, professors and students are involved in the exchange programs with national and international partners through specific measures: cooperative doctoral colloquia, summer and winter schools with partners, Sabbaticals at research partners, cooperative publications, workshops and conferences, the HHC annual conference, Working groups of the GI, ACM, IEEE and other scientific organizations, as well as project co-operation with scientific and industrial partners in the context of joint research programs. In addition, the members of the Research Center organize national and international specialist conferences and workshops and actively contribute to the scientific discussion with like-minded researchers as experts and experts.

Cooperative Doctoral Program

HHC professors, in close co-ordination with colleagues from promotions entitled programs, organize the co-operative graduate colleges in their capacity as co-supervisors, assessors and examiners for cooperative doctoral procedures. The results of the joint research work directly benefit the research and teaching as well as the students and doctoral students at the locations Reutlingen, Böblingen and the cooperation partners involved.