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Living in the Böblingen region

The city of Böblingen and the county have much to offer. Due to the high educational level of the citizens, the numerous care facilities and a variety of challenging jobs, the city is an attractive habitat for professionals in all sectors. A further strength of Böblingens is her lively and open-minded citizenship. The old people and the high number of people with a migration background make the city a place where the world is at home.

Pure local recreation

Those who live in the city know how relaxing air and rest affect the mind and body. Böblingen offers pure recreation with its parks and forest areas. No matter what time of the year Böblingen makes fun under the open sky.

Technology and Research

"Space for deeds and talents" is to be found in Böblingen. This can be seen most emphatically in places where companies from the technology sector are located on the same site. The Böblingen / Sindelfingen software center, the H130 technology park or the new Forum 1 on the airfield are particularly worth mentioning. These centers are characterized by short distances, good networking with industry, research and politics. They all agree that they will provide the local company with the best possible way to achieve its future success.

Cultural Opportunities

Böblingen has a lively cultural scene. Not only at the weekend there are high-quality and attractive offers in the museums, on the stages and in the halls of the city. The citizens make Böblingen a lovely and varied place, which also offers a delightful program for visitors.