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Claus Hoffmann

Dr. Claus Hoffmann

Dr. Claus Hoffmann has been active as a consultant and change management expert in digitisation and innovation projects for many years. After his studies and doctorate at the University of Hohenheim, he worked for MFG Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg. In 2007, he founded a consulting company in the fields of innovation, regional development and education. Since October 2018, he has headed the Center for Digitization in Böblingen (ZD.BB).

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 020-1
Phone +49 7031 3048102
Mobile +49 179 7381207
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Konstantin Garidis

Konstantin Garidis

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 020
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Center for Digitisation - ZD.BB

Digitalisation and the digital transformation associated with it is currently one of the most important topics for the district of Böblingen and the Stuttgart region. For this reason, the district of Böblingen has initiated the Centre for Digitisation (ZD.BB) together with the Herman Hollerith Centre at Reutlingen University, the Software Centre Böblingen/Sindelfingen, Star Cooperation, LGI Logistics Group International and the Coworking Space Herrenberg. 

The district of Böblingen is one of ten regional hotspots of digitalisation. Future technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data or Cloud Computing are changing the world of work and business at a rapid pace. However, the new digital business models pose major challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. The ZD.BB offers a central contact point for questions on the topic of digitalisation. At the ZD.BB, small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups receive competent advice and support for their digital transformation processes. This ranges from sensitisation and analysis to the development of solutions for digital processes. With the help of a digital qualification offensive and business model development methods suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, companies in the ZD.BB will be comprehensively supported in their digitalisation projects. To this end, different competences, disciplines, ideas, technologies and creativity will be networked in laboratories, coworking spaces and events, thus generating digital innovations. 

Further information can be found on the ZD.BB homepage: