Master Digital Business Management

Digital Business Management is a continuing education program for professionals. The Master of Science is dual, practice-oriented and positioned at the interface between management and IT. Digital Business Management comprises a high-quality, part-time course of study on core topics of digital transformation. For professionals, the program offers in-service and scientifically based continuing education at the highest level. Participants build a lifelong network with peers from companies such as Accenture, BearingPoint, Bosch, CGI, Daimler, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, IBM, Kaufland, KPMG, MHP, Microsoft, Porsche, SAP, Siemens and many more.

Basic information

Digital transformation leads to changes in many social spheres. As a result, companies face a variety of challenges. The master program Digital Business Management lays the foundations for strategic navigation through digital change and the successful management of digital development processes. Within the program, major topics of digital transformation are dealt with. This includes the design of business models and digital strategies as well as the associated use of digital technologies. New developments in software and IT management will be integrated into the course of studies. In addition, strategic approaches to social media, change management and the internet of things are essential content of the study program. The curriculum can be customized through a selection of different subjects.

Degree: Master of Science

Number of participants: 20 per semester

Time division: Three semesters accompanying the course plus one thesis semester. Participants can work in their companies to an extent of approx. 75%. Presence modules each comprise five to six lecture days (usually from Monday to Saturday), a total of approximately 64 days in the first three semesters.

Methodology and didactics: teaching by professors from the Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences, as well as renowned experts and executives from the practice, 18 months presence in block seminars, optimal combination of learning and application in practice as well as individual time division, six months Masterthesis in the last semester, preferably in cooperation with the Employer.

Access requirements: Above-average bachelor's degree with 210 ECTS (required for degrees with 180 ECTS additional module), employment contract with at least 25% exemption or self-employment certificate, applications must be submitted to the Knowledge Foundation by 15 July each year @Reutlingen University.

Learning goals

Participants in the Digital Business Management program:

  • Are able to analyze business models and assess the influence of digital concepts on established business models.
  • Understand the digital change from the perspective of business and information technology and can well assess the changes for today's business world.
  • Acquire additional competency in the field of computer science and can control software projects or projects for the design of IT architectures.
  • Know the potentials of social media as an important communication channel, which can no longer be understood from tomorrow's business world in almost all business areas.
  • Gain an overview of digital processes and services for different company models and learn how to use such services to promote business.
  • Experience modern, innovative management with disruptive approaches and methods such as Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, among others.
  • Digital Business Essentials (Digital Transformation, Social Change, Media Use, Consumer Behavior, Digital Business and Operating Models)
  • Digital Business Processes (analysis of business processes, automation, enrichment of processes by digital content, business process development and standardization)
  • Software management (software architecture and management, central software applications, principles of software development, social media monitoring & management, content management systems)
  • Digital Strategy (corporate and digital strategy, analysis of business models, core themes of the digital strategy, strategy development and implementation)
  • IT Architecture Management (Enterprise Architecture Management, IT Architecture, Interaction between Business and IT)
  • Social media (social media applications, application and integration of Facebook, Twitter and Co., social media in the communication mix, community management)
  • Change management (change in companies, models for the management of change, system theory and cybernetics, process-oriented changes, role of leadership)
  • Internet of Things (IT Architectures for the Internet of Things, Sensor Networks, Wearables, Connected Car, Smart Home, Business and IT Applications)
  • (Enterprise Social Networks & Agile Organization, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Big Data Management & Analytics, Online Marketing)
  • Masterthesis (scientific work, writing the thesis)
Learning at the HHZ

Further education at the Herman Hollerith Center is associated with many advantages. The state-of-the-art infrastructure in the Böblingen site allows for an intensive learning process:

  • Cooperative teaching and research group of business informatics at the Böblingen location.
  • Involvement of international research partners and transfer between research and teaching in information technology.
  • Integration of a consortium of regional and global companies.
  • Innovative location with highly modern infrastructure.
  • Regular top positions in numerous university settings.
  • Optimal preparation for a career in internationally operating companies.

Accredited quality

The Master Program Digital Business Management is accredited by the ASIIN. Thus the quality of the contents of the teaching and the studyability of the program are examined by an external certification body. The continuing education program fulfills the highest demands on quality according to the guidelines of the German Accreditation Council.


I like to come to Böblingen. The people with whom you can work together here, the professors and contents are so good and convincing that I always like to go on a plane to study here (Sven Sommer).



With the profession, the Master's degree is not only good, but the one is the ideal complement. Since I have to understand my customers and they are dealing intensively with digital subjects, I can apply the study contents directly (Nathalie Hasreiter).


My Bachelor degree in International Business Administration had relatively few informatics. To improve my knowledge in this area, I have been looking for a combination that is both intensively involved with management as well as with IT (Daniel Kranz).


Executive Program Advisor

Alexander Rossmann
Prof. Dr. Alexander Rossmann

Alexander Rossmann is Head of the Herman Hollerith Center and Professor for Digital Business Models at the Reutlingen University. Prior to this, he was a research associate at the Institute of Marketing at the University of St. Gallen and a 10-year member of the management team of a renowned consulting company. His research focuses on digital business, user experience, agile governance, smart cities and artificial intelligence.


Prof. Rossmann ist responsible for the master study of  Digital Business Management in cooperation with Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University


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