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Cooperative Doctoral Programme "Services Computing"

The cooperative doctoral programme for Services Computing at the Herman Hollerith Centre of the University of Stuttgart and Reutlingen University offers a total of 12 doctoral students a high-quality environment for conducting cooperative doctorates in innovative subject areas. The research programme of the college is strategically oriented towards relevant informatics topics of the digital transformation based on the three guiding themes Enterprise Architecture and Applications, Data Management/Analytics, and Cloud Computing.  

The cooperative doctoral programme offers doctoral students cutting-edge research topics with an interdisciplinary character of high scientific and economic relevance. The doctoral students are funded in the form of scholarships by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts. The scholarship holders are selected according to the guidelines of the State Graduates Act and the selection statutes of the University of Stuttgart. The funding runs for a period of 3 years, with annual reapplication. 

The scholarship holders are supervised by a tandem of two supervisors from Reutlingen University and the University of Stuttgart. Accompanying qualification programmes by the Graduate Academy GRADUS of the University of Stuttgart round off the attractive offer. 

Further information and current calls for applications can be found on the website of the doctoral college


Alfred Zimmermann
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Alfred Zimmermann

Alfred Zimmermann is Professor of Digital Enterprise Architecture in the Faculty of Informatics at Reutlingen University. He is the research director of the Herman Hollerith Center Böblingen and speaker of the Cooperative Doctoral Program Services Computing at the Herman Hollerith Center Böblingen. His research focuses on digital transformation and intelligent digital architectures with multi-perspective decision support, in close connection with digital strategy & governance, software architecture, artificial intelligence and cognitive architecture, data analytics, Internet of Things, service computing, and cloud computing. Professor Zimmermann supervises PhD students in joint research programs with universities such as Stuttgart, Rostock, and Leipzig. He also supports international research programs and research partnerships with universities in Europe, Japan, USA, Canada, and Australia. Professor Zimmermann graduated in Medical Informatics from the University of Heidelberg and received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Stuttgart. In addition to his academic experience, he has a strong practical background as a technology manager and leading consultant at Daimler AG, Germany. Alfred Zimmermann is active in international networks and as co-organizer of several workshops and conferences, as well as conference chair of the international HCIS - Human-Centered Intelligent Systems, and as editor and author of books, journal and conference papers.

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 107

Phone +49 7121 271 4033

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Alfred Zimmermann
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Alfred Zimmermann

Alteburgstraße 150
72762 Reutlingen

Building HHZ Böblingen , Room 107

Phone +49 7121 271 4033
Fax +49 7121 271 90 4033