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University of the West of Scotland (UWS)

A part-time doctoral programme for ambitious managers

Reutlingen University has been cooperating with the renowned University of the West of Scotland (UWS) in the implementation of doctoral projects for around 10 years. UWS is ranked among the 600 best universities by the Times Higher Education in the World Ranking of Universities from 2020 and among the 150 best universities within the Young University Ranking. The collaboration provides an internationally recognised doctorate, which authorises graduates to carry the title of PhD. 

The programme provides a research-based, practice-oriented doctorate specifically designed to meet the needs of working executives. This structured programme offers step-by-step supervision that makes a doctoral project at a very high scientific level predictable in terms of time and process. The programme is usually completed in a research and study period of three years. 

The doctoral programme consists of four doctoral seminars, which are usually held on-site at the Herman Hollerith Centre or at a partner university. In addition, research colloquia are regularly held online. 

From the very beginning, students work on an individual research project, the results of which are continuously published at scientific conferences. The entire publications are finally summarised in a dissertation. In addition to close, high-quality supervision by professors from Reutlingen University and UWS, this doctoral programme enables participants to learn and conduct research in the cohort. 

Central assignments and corresponding submissions refer to the submission of submissions to scientific conferences as well as the performance of a Transfer Event (interim report) and a Viva (oral defence of the thesis). The Transfer Event and Viva take place at UWS in Glasgow. 

The programme is aimed at managers who have already obtained an MBA, Master's degree or university diploma, have initial or several years of professional experience and want to take their professional career to a new level. It is possible to start the programme at any time. 

The following table shows an ideal-typical sequence of a doctoral project: 




  • Submission of the application documents and a start in the programme are possible at any time 
  • Submission and review of the application documents 
  • Preparation of a research proposal 
  • Conducting the assessment 
  • Enrolment in the doctoral programme 


Doctoral Seminar 1 (November)
Scientific Research Methods
Systematic Literature Reviews
Online Research Colloquium (February)


Doctoral Seminar 2 (June)
Qualitative Research Methods
Design Science Research
Online Research Colloquium (August)
Assignment: First Conference Paper Submission

13 - 18

Doctoral Seminar 3 (November)
Quantitative Research Methods
Online Research Colloquium (February)
Assignment: Transfer Event

19 – 24


Doctoral Seminar 4 (June)
Publishing Strategies:
Dissertation and High-End Research Journals
Online Research Colloquium (August)
Assignment: Second Submission of Conference Paper

25 - 30

Working on Doctoral Thesis

31 – 36


Working on Doctoral Thesis
Thesis Submission
Assignment: Third Journal/Conference Paper Submission
​​​​​​​Assignment: Viva


Alexander Rossmann

Prof. Dr. Alexander Rossmann

Alexander Rossmann is Head of the Herman Hollerith Center and Professor for Digital Business Models at the Reutlingen University. Prior to this, he was a research associate at the Institute of Marketing at the University of St. Gallen and a 10-year member of the management team of a renowned consulting company. His research focuses on digital business, user experience, agile governance, smart cities and artificial intelligence.


Prof. Rossmann ist responsible for the master study of  Digital Business Management in cooperation with Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University


Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 105
Phone +49 7121 271 4100
Fax +49 7121 271 90 4100
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Stephanie Göring

Stephanie Göring

Stephanie Göring is a project coordinator at the Hermann Hollerith Center in Böblingen. At the Research Lab for Digital Business, she supports the implementation of various digital transformation projects with industry partners. Prior to this position, Stephanie Göring worked for several years in a renowned management consultancy.

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 126/2
Phone +49 7121 271 4110
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