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Professors of HHZ

Wolfgang Blochinger

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Blochinger

Wolfgang Blochinger is Professor of Services Computing, Internetworking and IT Security at the Faculty of Computer Science at Reutlingen University. He received his doctorate from the University of Tübingen, where he habilitated with work in the field of parallel and distributed systems. Afterwards, Prof. Blochinger worked for several years at the University of Stuttgart in the area of coordination of large-scale scientific projects. Before his appointment at Reutlingen University, he was involved in the design of new IT architectures and services for Big Data applications at Robert Bosch GmbH.

Building 9 (Reutlingen)
Room 116
Phone +49 7121 271 4086
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Uwe Breitenbücher

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Uwe Breitenbücher

Uwe Breitenbuecher is Professor of System Architecture at the Computer Science Faculty of Reutlingen University. He studied software engineering at the University of Stuttgart and received his doctorate in 2016 in the field of "Systems Management". His research focuses on system architectures, automation of deployment and management of IT systems, architecture patterns and cloud computing.

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 121/3
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Cristóbal Curio

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Cristóbal Curio

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Cristóbal Curio studied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Ruhr University Bochum and at Purdue University, Indiana, in the USA.

He received his PhD from the Institute of Neuroinformatics in Bochum under Prof. Werner von Seelen in the field of artificial vision for driver assistance systems. At the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Prof. Curio headed the Cognitive Engineering research group for almost ten years. His goal is to optimally combine artificial and human perception processes for assistance systems.

Research stays took him to M.I.T., Cambridge/USA and to ETH Zurich. At a medium-sized innovation service provider in the region, he led research projects in the areas of autonomous driving and adaptive human-machine interfaces. He led various national (BMBF, DFG) and international (EU) research projects and is a scientific reviewer.

He habilitated in computer science at Eberhard Karls University in 2014. Since November 2015, Prof. Curio represents the new teaching & research focus Cognitive Systems in Computer Science at Reutlingen University.

His research focuses on machine information processing, computer vision, machine learning, autonomous driving, modeling of perceptual processes, emotional analytics, human-machine interaction.

Building 9 (Reutlingen)
Room 227
Phone +49 7121 271 4005
Fax +49 7121 271 90 4005
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Christian Decker

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Decker

Christian Decker is a professor for Smart Data Services at the Faculty of Informatics at the Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences. He studied computer science with a focus on telematics at the University of Karlsruhe and, in 2009, promoted in the field of "Ubiquitous Computing". He then switched to a medium-sized company for public transport systems. There, he directed the area for statistical evaluations of mass data generated by the on-board computers of large vehicle fleets and used for quality proofing and optimization of public transport services. 
His research focuses on smart data services as well as data products in data-intensive environments and Internet of Things (IoT).



Prof. Decker is responsible for the study programs Bachelor Digital Business and Master Digital Business Engineering

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 132
Phone +49 7121 271 4105
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Oliver Götz

Prof. Dr. Oliver Götz

International Business to Business Marketing, International Sales Management

Building 5 (Reutlingen)
Room 112
Phone +49 (0)7121 271 3033
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Dieter Hertweck

Prof. Dr. Dieter Hertweck

Dieter Hertweck is professor of Service Science at the Faculty of Computer Science at the Reutlingen University. Prior to this, he was professor for business informatics and head of the electronic business institute at Heilbronn University, before he headed the Department of BPEM at the Research Center for Computer Science at KIT (FZI). Dieter Hertweck has taken a doctoral degree in businessinformatics in the research group of Prof. Helmut Krcmar. His research focuses on service science, IT management, process and knowledge management.

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 131
Phone +49 7121 271 4106
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Marco Kuhrmann

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Marco Kuhrmann

Marco Kuhrmann ist Professor für Agile Systementwicklung an der Hochschule Reutlingen. Er hat an der Technischen Universität München promoviert und war im Anschluss an seine Habilitation an der University of Southern Denmark (SDU) Associate Professor für Software Engineering und Founding Head of Section der SDU Software Engineering Abteilung. Seine Forschungsschwerpunkte liegen in den Bereichen der Methodik des Software Engineering mit den Schwerpunkte auf agile und hybride Softwareentwicklung, den Entwurf, der Entwicklung und der Innovation softwareintensiver Produkte, sowie des empirischen Software Engineerings im Umfeld der datengetriebenen Prozessanalyse und Verbesserung.

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Natividad Martínez Madrid

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Natividad Martínez Madrid

Research areas: Internet technologies, mobile computing

Building 9 (Reutlingen)
Room 124
Phone +49 (0)7121 271 4014
Fax +49 (0)7121 271 90 4014
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Martin Mocker

Prof. Dr. Martin Mocker

General business economics and business informatics

Building 5 (Reutlingen)
Room 115
Phone +49 7121 271 3123
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Michael Möhring

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Möhring

Michael Möhring is a professor of Data Science at the Faculty of Computer Science at Reutlingen University. He previously worked as a professor at the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule (OTH) Amberg-Weiden, Bavaria, Germany. He studied and obtained his doctorate in the field of business informatics. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Möhring has many years of practical experience in consulting leading companies - especially in the areas of predictive analytics/Big Data, Industry 4.0 and data-driven e-business and BPM. He worked as an internal IT consultant & IT project manager at Bosch Group / BSH. Furthermore, he looks back on many years of experience as an IT startup founder, software developer, consultant & machine learning specialist at European enterprises as well as in scientific AI industry research projects. His research focuses on data science (especially the development and analysis of new structured and unstructured data sources) and data-driven approaches in the areas of Industry 4.0, e-business and BPM.

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 121/2
Phone +49 7121 271 4127
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Jürgen Münch

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Münch

Jürgen Münch is Professor of Software Engineering at Reutlingen University and Research Director at the University of Helsinki. Previously, he was Professor of Software Systems Engineering at the University of Helsinki, Head of Department at Fraunhofer IESE, and Board Member of the Collaborative Research Center 501 of the German Research Foundation. His research focuses on software innovation, lean product management, analytics, and agile engineering.

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 130
Phone +49 7121 271 4107
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Ilia Petrov

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ilia Petrov

Research interests: data management and analysis, high-performance data processing, data management on new hardware technologies, big data, database systems.

Building 9 (Reutlingen)
Room 027
Phone +49 7121 271 4034
Fax +49 7121 271 90 4034
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Alexander Rossmann

Prof. Dr. Alexander Rossmann

Alexander Rossmann is Head of the Herman Hollerith Center and Professor for Digital Business Models at the Reutlingen University. Prior to this, he was a research associate at the Institute of Marketing at the University of St. Gallen and a 10-year member of the management team of a renowned consulting company. His research focuses on digital business, user experience, agile governance, smart cities and artificial intelligence.


Prof. Rossmann ist responsible for the master study of  Digital Business Management in cooperation with Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University


Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 120/2
Phone +49 7121 271 4100
Fax +49 7121 271 90 4100
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Armin Roth

Prof. Dipl.-Kfm. Armin Roth

Armin Roth is Head of the Research Area "Enterprise Performance Management & Business Intelligence" and professor of management, controlling & business intelligence at the Reutlingen University. Prior to this, he had held senior positions in management and IT consulting as well as commercial director in industry for many years.

Building 9 (Reutlingen)
Room 025
Phone +49 7121 271 4027
Fax +49 7121 271 90 4027
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Katrin Schein

Prof. Dr. Katrin Schein

Katrin Schein is Professor for Digital Business at the Faculty of Informatics at Reutlingen University. She studied in the field of International Business Administration with a focus on Marketing in Germany, France and the Netherlands. She completed her Ph.D. in Augmented Reality at the UniBw Munich in 2022 and additionally worked as research associate at the Entre- and Intrapreneurship Center of the UniBw. She gained practical experience in her position as product manager of an internationally operating company in the FMCG industry.

In her research, Katrin Schein deals with the influence of new technologies on business models with a focus on the influence of Augmented Reality (AR) on consumer behavior, user acceptance and user experience.

Prof. Schein is responsible for the study program Bachelor Digital Business.

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 133
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Marco Schmäh

Prof. Dr. Marco Schmäh

Marco Schmäh is professor of Marketing and Sales at the ESB Business School. Prior to that, he worked in service marketing and later on account management in the industrial goods business of a world market leader. His research focuses on value-based selling, digital value selling and digital business.

Building 5 (Reutlingen)
Room 213A
Phone +49 (0)7121 271 3018
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Martin Schmollinger

Prof. Dr. Martin Schmollinger

Martin Schmollinger ist Professor für Intelligente und Verteilte Systeme der Fakultät Informatik an der Hochschule Reutlingen. Seine Arbeitsgebiete sind Anwendungen, Methoden und Technologien des Business Process Management.

Building 9 (Reutlingen)
Room 036
Phone +49 7121 271 4048
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Alfred Zimmermann

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Alfred Zimmermann

Alfred Zimmermann is Professor of Digital Enterprise Architecture in the Faculty of Informatics at Reutlingen University. He is the research director of the Herman Hollerith Center Böblingen and speaker of the Cooperative Doctoral Program Services Computing at the Herman Hollerith Center Böblingen. His research focuses on digital transformation and intelligent digital architectures with multi-perspective decision support, in close connection with digital strategy & governance, software architecture, artificial intelligence and cognitive architecture, data analytics, Internet of Things, service computing, and cloud computing. Professor Zimmermann supervises PhD students in joint research programs with universities such as Stuttgart, Rostock, and Leipzig. He also supports international research programs and research partnerships with universities in Europe, Japan, USA, Canada, and Australia. Professor Zimmermann graduated in Medical Informatics from the University of Heidelberg and received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Stuttgart. In addition to his academic experience, he has a strong practical background as a technology manager and leading consultant at Daimler AG, Germany. Alfred Zimmermann is active in international networks and as co-organizer of several workshops and conferences, as well as conference chair of the international HCIS - Human-Centered Intelligent Systems, and as editor and author of books, journal and conference papers.

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 129
Phone +49 7121 271 4033
Fax +49 7121 271 90 4033
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