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Alexander Rossmann

Prof. Dr. Alexander Rossmann

Alexander Rossmann is Head of the Herman Hollerith Center and professor of marketing and sales at the Reutlingen University. Prior to this, he was a research associate at the Institute of Marketing at the University of St. Gallen and a 10-year member of the management team of a renowned consulting company. His research focuses on relationship marketing, digital business and social media.

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 105
Phone +49 7121 271 4100
Fax +49 7121 271 90 4100
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Marco Schmäh

Prof. Dr. Marco Schmäh

Marco Schmäh is professor of Marketing and Sales at the ESB Business School. Prior to that, he worked in service marketing and later on account management in the industrial goods business of a world market leader. His research focuses on value-based selling, digital value selling and digital business.

Building 5 (Reutlingen)
Room 213A
Phone +49 (0)7121 271 3018
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Stephanie Göring

Stephanie Göring

Stephanie Göring is a project coordinator at the Hermann Hollerith Center in Böblingen. At the Research Lab for Digital Business, she accompanies the implementation of various projects for digital transformation with industrial partners. Prior to this, Stephanie Göring worked for several years in a renowned company consultancy.

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 020
Phone +49 7121 271 4110
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Gerald Stei

Gerald Stei

Gerald Stei is a research assistant at Research Lab for Digital Business. Prior to this, he was employed by a renowned Swiss company consultancy. His research focuses on digital business and enterprise social media.

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 120
Phone +49 7121 271 4104
Fax +49 7121 271 90 4104
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Lars Richter

Lars Richter

Lars Richter ist externer Doktorand am Research Lab for Digital Business. Parallel ist er bei der Daimler AG im der Geschäftssparte Mercedes Benz Vans (MB Vans) tätigt und befasst sich dort mit der Entwicklung von Vertriebskonzepten für zukünftige digitale Produkte von MB Vans. Seine Forschungsschwerpunkte liegen in den Bereichen Customer Experience und Service Ökosysteme.

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 120
Phone +49 7121 271 4102
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Sulejman Vejseli

Sulejman Vejseli

Sulejman Vejseli is a research assistant at Research Lab for Digital Business. He is involved in his research work with the digital transformation of banks. A particular research focus lies in new approaches to IT governance and the combination of agile innovation strategies and governance frameworks.

Mobile +41 76 508 60 26
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Tim Wilke

Tim Wilke

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 120
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Konstantin Garidis

Konstantin Garidis

Building HHZ Böblingen
Room 020
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The research group Digital Business and the related research lab for digital business (see deal with questions of digital change as well as the transformational effect of digitization on business and operating models. Three areas of work are particularly important.

These relate first to the design of the customer interface and the generation of a convincing digital customer experience. Relevant questions are, for example, the conceptualisation and measurement of the customer journey, the design of digital customer contact points and the use of social media or word-of-mouth in marketing and sales.

Another work area relates to the internal use of social media platforms in the context of so-called enterprise social networks. This concentrates, among other things, to the introduction of appropriate systems, the establishment of system acceptance among users of the platform, the establishment of suitable governance models for the operation of enterprise social networks and the further development of organizational structures to agile companies.

Finally, the third area of work relates to issues related to innovation and governance. The question is how companies can shape innovation processes more openly and more agile. This includes, among other things, Also the application of concepts from the context of startups in the enterprise context. In addition to the agility of innovation processes, the focus of research is on the governance or control of transformation processes in the context of increasing digitalization.


  • Paper of the project group "Useful Brand Experience (UBX)" in the Master Program Services Computing on "Dynamic Capabilities and Brand Love" at the EMAC 2017 in Groningen akzeptiert.
  • Research Lab for Digital Business initiated the research initiative "Banken Digital".
  • Paper of Sulejman Vejseli "The Impact of IT Governance on Firm Performance - A Literature Review" at the PACIS 2017 in Malaysia akzeptiert.


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In teaching, the research group focuses on the integration of relevant topics in the field of digital business in Bachelor and Master programs at the Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences. A special focus is on the master program Digital Business Management at the Herman Hollerith Center, which is particularly concerned with digital transformation.


  • Future of Employment, study of the effects of digitization on professional images in the German automotive industry, cooperation project with MHP and Porsche, April 2016 to March 2017
  • Useful Brand Experience, developing and conducting a study with Virtual Identity AG, May 2016 to March 2017
  • Digital Business Training Program, Contract Research with BSH Bosch Siemens Household Appliances, July 2015 to December 2017
  • Survival of the Smartest, contract research with KPMG Germany, July 2015 to March 2016
  • Big Data Report: status quo and perspectives of the application of Big Data in IT, marketing and sales, contract research with the T-Systems MMS, May 2015 to March 2016
  • Social CRM: Perspectives of Social Media for Customer Relationship Management, Contract Research with SAP Deutschland AG, May 2014 to December 2014.
  • Digital Footprint Management: Integration of digital channels in the multi-channel communication mix, order research with Virtual Identity AG, January 2013 to December 2014
  • Examination of the dynamics of an integration of social media into the customer service by the example of Telekom helps with order research with Telekom Deutschland GmbH, September 2010 to October 2014.
  • In the search for the return on social media, order research with Adobe Germany, Publicis Germany and Akamai Germany, October 2012 to October 2013

Cooperation partners in research

  • Harvard Business School
  • IDC Herliya, Tel Aviv
  • Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
  • MIT Center for Digital Business
  • University of Nuremberg
  • University of St.Gallen
  • University of Michigan
  • University of the West of Scotland

Cooperation partners in practice

The Research Lab for Digital Business has a large number of cooperation partners in corporate language. Over the past two years, the collaboration with the following companies has been particularly important:

  • Adobe Germany
  • BSH Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte
  • Daimler AG
  • KPMG Deutschland
  • MHP
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • SAP AG
  • Siemens AG
  • Telekom Deutschland GmbH
  • T-Systems MMS
  • Virtual Identity AG
  • Volkswagen AG