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HHZ Doctoral Program

The cooperative doctoral program of the Herman Hollerith Center bundles the performance of doctoral students at the HHZ through a scientific multi-partner model within the framework of a cross-university, scientific collaboration between Reutlingen University and cooperating universities and companies.

This creates the organizational conditions for cooperative doctoral studies and a high-quality research environment for excellent master's graduates with degrees in computer science, business informatics or related fields.

The program will be conducted in close academic collaborations with a selection of doctoral-granting universities. Doctoral students will be guided and cooperatively supervised in an interdisciplinary research program for independent scientific work at the HHZ, with the goal of qualifying them for a doctorate in computer science or business informatics at the cooperating university.

The focus of the qualification and supervision concept is the targeted promotion of the doctoral students' development into independent research personalities. It is also intended to qualify doctoral candidates within the framework of a structured three-year scientific program. The individual supervision of the doctoral candidates is carried out in a double-mentoring process.

The doctoral program of the HHZ includes organized partnerships in research with doctoral faculties of renowned universities in the profile of the innovative research programs in Digital Business of the HHZ. This includes the Cooperative Doctoral Program Services Computing operated at HHZ together with the University of Stuttgart, which will be expanded from 2021 to the extended program Intelligent Service Computing, with future-oriented topics in Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization, offering the degree Doctor of Science Dr. rer. nat. in Computer Science. A scientific cooperation agreement with the University of Rostock has been in place since 2020, building on the successful collaboration on cooperative doctorates. Doctoral students at the HHZ can earn a Dr.-Ing. in the field of business informatics at the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, with supervision from the HHZ, or a complementary Dr. rer. pol. at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. The doctoral network of the HHZ also includes international doctoral partners, such as Glasgow Caledonian University with the profile DBA - Doctor of Business Administration and the University of West of Scotland in Glasgow, with proven PhD cooperation programs in business informatics and computer science.